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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Thursday, Aug.24

Good morning♡(。→∀←。)

Yesterday, I went to the activity of my basketball circle!!

In this picture, they are friends of my circle.

My circle's name is "cassiopeia".

I like basketball very much♡

In Maryland, I playd basketball with Ji Won, Tim, Maiko, Hiro...and many friends★★

It was veeeeeery fun!!!!!

Ji Won is surprisingly good at basketball☆!
Tim is sooo cool, too♡

Playing basketball was one of my dreams, so I was happy to be able to play basketball in America!

I want to play it with them again☆^^

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm Home!!(Tadaima~)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

We came back to Japan the day before yesterday.
When I woke up yesterday,
I thought I was still in Maryland.

Such that, our past two weeks were enjoyable, great, interesting, and HAPPY♡♡

I cannnot forget these happy memories.
I could learn many things.
I could think many things.
I could know many people.

Thanks a lot.

Everything I met in US was my treasure.
I am HAPPY!!!

I decided to sutudy English every day.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Farewell to Maryland Day

Monday, August 15, 2006

In the morning, I was a little sad to think that we have only two days in US.
I want to stay here more.

In Nina’s class, I became happy a little, because I found the comment from my Mam on my blog!!
I thought that I would continue writing my blog.
Nina, thank you for teaching us the fun of blog.
Thank you for many special programs.
We could learn many things, and we could go many nice places.

In Kevin’s class, I became a little sad again, because Kevin said “tomorrow is our last class”.
I love Kevin’s class.
Kevin is so funny.
He makes us happy.

In the afternoon, we went to Agricultural Fair in Gaithersburg where Nina and Ji Won live.
It was very long way to the Fair.

At the Fair, there were many animals; horses, rabbits, cows and pigs.
I thought pigs were not so cute…..I like only pigs of character…..

Some people saw the pig race, but we didn’t see it.
We rode an attraction.
It was very fun!!

Ji Won and Laura liked our brother and sister, because they didn’t ride the attraction and they watched us.

They are very kind.
I love them very much.
I am really really sad to go back to Japan….(;_;)

At night, some people went to Karaoke, but I didn’t go because I have many things to do.
Tim also went to Karaoke.
I wanted to hear his songs!!!!!!!!(>_<)

Tim is so cool and so funny.
We enjoy talking him.
I think that everyone likes him, I also love him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2006
“Farewell to Maryland Day”

Today is our really last class.
I was really sad.
When I came to class, I remembered many happy memories.
We enjoyed very very very…..much for two weeks.

Nina, Kevin, Ji won, Laura and Tim.
We all love all of you.

Thank you soooooooooooo much.

Please come to Japan someday!!(^_^)
We welcome you.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Our Second Weekend in US

Saturday, August 12, 2006
“Field Trip to Annapolis”

On Saturday, we went to Annapolis by Bus.
We often go by metro, so we rode bus (from the hotel!!) for the first time in US.
We were excited because the bus trip liked excursion!

Annapolis had very beautiful buildings and architectures.

In the afternoon, we rode cruise.
I worried about getting seasick, but it was OK v(^v^)v

The weather was also nice, the wind was very comfortable, and the view was very beautiful.

I went to the head of the ship!
I took a picture with pirate!
I did a Titanic pose with Ji Won and Tim!
Moreover……….my T-shirt was image of marine!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006
“Field Trip to Mount Vernon and Alexandria”

On Sunday, we went to Mount Vernon and Alexandria.
We took the short cruise to Mount Vernon.

After we got off the boat, we climbed mountain for the few time.
I regretted to wear the sandals…

We visited the house where George Washington lived.
The house was very big!!!
It has four (and more??) bed rooms!!

The garden was very very large!

Green glasses, big tree, the view of sea, comfortable wind, shining sun…….zzzzzz

George W. had a very envious position!

We enjoyed our second weekend.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Divercity Day

Wednesday, August 9, 2006
DC Diversity Day

Today’s weather was very nice!
It was very comfortable for me.

In Kevin’s class, I was surprised to hear that Spanish is second language in US.
I study Spanish in university!

At lunch time, we went to daily café.
We ate ice cream!
It was very delicious!
I ate cookie and cream.

There were many ice creams!

In the afternoon,
We had the Field Trip(^_^)

We went to China Town and Adams-Morgan.
I liked Adams-Morgan very much, because there were many beautiful buildings and churches.

The café we went to was very very nice!!!!
It looked like at home!!
One waiter was very cool!!(>_<)!!!

My friends and I talked about our future, life of USA, study and love……..

Coffee was very delicious.
We had a good time in the café.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Day( ^_^ )

Tuesday, August 8
“American Family Day”

We learned about American family.
We all gathered in the lab, and Nina, Kevin, Ji Won, Tim and Laura talked us about their family.

Kevin’s family is small, and his brother is a rock musician!
He also sings very well.

Nina showed us many pictures.
I liked them very much.

Laura’s family is very friendly.
I heard that her brother’s birthday and his girl friend’s birthday are same!
It’s destiny----------!!!!!!

Tim has a lot of relatives!
He showed us his relative’s picture.
He tells his parents about his girlfriend.

Ji Won’s family is busy family!
He doesn’t often eat with his family.
However, I think they are very friendly.

Then, we asked about their family.
We had many question.
Mentors also had many question.

We had a very good time!!

In the evening, we went to the Pentagon City.


I like shopping, so I was happy.
I bought hand soap and hand cream(they are PINK!!),cookie cutters(they also PINK!!) and some books(they are not pink…).

I wanted be there more!!o(>_<)o

We enjoyed very much.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Washington Post

On Monday, August 7, we visited National Geographic museum.
There were many maps, models and pictures.

I like soccer very much, so it was very fun to see many pictures of soccer.
There are the pictures of animals’ soccer, the pictures of children’s soccer, and the pictures of soccer player.

The picture I like the most was …..
the picture of such a children seeing soccer in the cave.

I think that even if they are poor, they are animals, and life are different, the style of enjoying sports is not different.

There were smiles anywhere by the sport.


We went to The Washington Post!!!!!

The building was very BIG!!!!

“We can enter the building!!!!!!!”
I really was excited!!!!!

We walked around in the building.
The working people were sooooooo cool!!!!!!

They were writing tomorrow’s news paper weren’t they?!?!?!?!

We could see the sight!!!


I used many “!!”.
I was excited such that.

In addition, we could see White House!
Probably, the president Bush was out, but we were happy to see the White House.

We had precious experiences on Monday.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Washington Monument was great!

We finally arrived at Washington Monument!
It was very tall!
I was excited when we entered the Monument.

We went up the top of Monument by elevator.
My heart leaped up because we couldn’t see the outside in the elevator.

At last, we arrived at the top!!!!!

The view was very very beautiful!

Fortunately, the weather was very good, so the view was very clearly.
We took a lot of picture.
We can see White House, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon, and so on.
I was so surprised because White House looked very small.

We enjoyed very much.

I thought that we were lucky because the weather was very nice.

My first weekend in USA was great .

Monday, August 07, 2006

Our First Weekend

Saturday, August 5

We went to Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Korean War Memorial.
I am not good at world history, so I don’t know about war very much, but I felt something such as misery and sorrow of war.

I was so surprised when I saw Lincoln on Lincoln Memorial, because Lincoln was much bigger than I thought.

Old Post Office where we ate lunch was nice place.
Food was good and the atmosphere was great.

We went to Washington Monument!!!!!!!
I was looking forward to going there!!!

I will write about this tomorrow, because I don’t have much time now, sorry.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Finally Arrived at USA!

Wednesday, August 2.

Hi, I’m Seri.
I am glad to make my English blog.
Please look at and comment.


I am in USA!!!
I cannot believe.
It took 14 hours from Japan to Washington.
I was so tiered, but I enjoyed this trip of airplane because I can watch a lot of movies and listen to many songs in the airplane.

I was so excited when we finally arrived at Washington.
I was very happy when I saw Nina, Kevin, Ji won, Tim and Laura waited for us!
I am looking forward to spending time in USA for seventeen days.